7 best Long-lasting campfire spray 2023

Long-lasting campfire spray

Making a fire-retardant spray that can be sprayed on wood or other combustible materials to lessen their flammability is the first step in creating a long-lasting campfire spray. Remember that fire safety is vital, and that you should abide by all safety rules and laws. This is an easy-to-make fire retardant spray recipe:


  • Borax (sodium borate) – 1 cup
  • Baking soda – 1 cup
  • Water – 1 gallon


  1. Prepare the Mixture:
  • Mix one cup of borax and one cup of baking soda together in a big container.
  • To the combination of baking soda and borax, add one gallon of water.
  • Until the baking soda and borax are completely dissolved, stir thoroughly.
  1. Mix Thoroughly:
  • To guarantee uniform mixing, give the solution a good stir. To make an efficient spray, the granules must be fully dissolved.
  1. Transfer to Spray Bottle:
  • Transfer the mixture into a mist bottle. For this, a trigger spray bottle or pump works great.
  1. Apply to Wood or Fabric:
  • Apply the blend to the areas you wish to be protected against fire. This might apply to things like wood, cloth, or other materials that come into contact with flames.
  1. Allow to Dry:
  • Let the substance that was sprayed to dry fully. A thin layer of fire resistance will be left on the surface by the borax and baking soda solution.
  1. Test and Reapply:
  • To make sure everything works and is compatible, it is best to test a small, discrete area first.
  • Reapply the solution as needed to achieve greater fire resistance.

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7 best Long-lasting campfire spray

I can recommend seven different commercially available sprays that are recognized to be efficient fire retardants. Prior to making a purchase, always make sure you have the most recent product information and reviews:

  1. FireIce Fire Extinguisher Spray:

FireIce is well-known for its ability to put out fires. It is easy to apply to surfaces because it comes in a handy spray form.

  1. Thermo-Gel 200:

Thermo-Gel is a water-diluted gel fire retardant that may be sprayed over surfaces. It has been used to prevent wildfires and sticks effectively to vertical surfaces.

  1. Firetrol Fire Barrier Spray:

A fire barrier spray from Firetrol is available to shield a variety of things from flames. It works well on wood, textiles, and other surfaces.

  1. Rust-Oleum Fire Retardant Spray:

Known for its extensive variety of coatings, Rust-Oleum provides a fire retardant spray that may be used to lessen the flammability of wood, paper, and cloth.

  1. Envirograf Fire Retardant Spray:

A fire retardant spray made by Envirograf is intended for use on porous materials like paper and wood. It is frequently utilized in building and construction applications.

  1. PPC Fire Barrier Paint:

Spray-on fire-retardant coating PPC Fire Barrier Paint resembles paint and may be applied to surfaces. It works well on drywall, wood, and other construction materials.

  1. Aqua-Tech FireGuard:

FireGuard, a fire retardant spray from Aqua-Tech, is intended to keep a variety of materials safe from flames. Water-based and environmentally friendly.

Think about the particular requirements of your application, such as the kind of material you’re treating and the desired degree of fire protection, before selecting a product. Make sure the product conforms with all applicable safety standards and laws as well. Always apply products according to the manufacturer’s directions, and repeat as necessary.

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